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Frost (2014)

Frost Winter/Christmas album, not in the sense of typical Christmas album, but an album inspired by the winter season. Tastefully orchestrated music balanced between folk and ambient, classical, traditional and new age. Produced by Patrik Svedberg.

album_pan is alive and well.jpeg
Pan Is Alive And Well (1999)

Produced by Peter Grönvall. Several songs are written by Peter, some of them together with Dana. Big modern sound in a full production with orchestra and strings recorded at famous Polar Studios in Stockholm. The album title suggests that one of the oldest instruments in the world is up-to-date with the sounds of the 21st Century.

album_fluty romances.png
Fluty Romances (1991)

The first album in Dana's own name. It includes the hit “Mio my Mio” and became a gold album, close to Platinum. This album was Dana's immediate key to success. Quickly picked up for release in Germany and more European countries, plus Asia.

Dana best of me.jpg
20 – The Best Of Me (2011)

An excellent collection of Dana’s favourite music including International, Romanian and Swedish songs. A compilation of newly recorded songs together with some older recordings. Album produced by Patrik Svedberg.

Traditional (1997)

A compilation of traditional music from Dana´s early albums.


Merry Christmas (1989) with Merit Hemmingson. This album was re-released some years later as Julglitter with a new cover and in Dana's name only.

album_alskade svenska visor.jpeg
Älskade Svenska Visor (2007)

Beloved Swedish Traditionals. An album of Swedish folk songs and traditional. Produced by Patrik Svedberg, an excellent Swedish musician who has been working with Dana for decades.

Pandana (1996)

EMI Records, recorded in Germany and Sweden at the famous Cheiron Studios founded by legendary Denniz Pop. Dana worked and recorded with Denniz, Amadin, and Max Martin. Max Martin even sings on Dana’s album and Jonas 'Joker' Berggren from Ace of Base wrote the song “Imagination” for her album.


Panflöjts favoriter – Gheorhe Zamfir & Dana Dragomir (1995) Collection. 50-50 Dana and Zamfir on 18 tracks.

Favoriter (1999)

Favoriter (1999) Compilation, mainly consisting of some of the most popular tracks from the albums “Fluty Romances” and “Demiro”.

Demiro (1993)

This became the second Gold album, including the hit “Chiquitita”, ABBA song. “Into the Light”, written by Dana, was picked up and played by radio stations in USA. “Into the Light” was among the top 10 list for more than 18 months on KKSF California.

album_fran orup till bellman.png
Från Orup till Bellman (1987)

Från Orup till Bellman (1987) together with Merit Hemmingson was a Grammy nominated album.

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